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    Where can I get a replacement truss rod cover for an Epiphone Sheraton Pro II?

    Guitar Heads has some Custom Truss Rod cover for Epiphones.
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    Show Your Red Guitars!

    Here's a better look at my V.
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    Let's show them V's, Explorers and non traditional shaped guitars ....

    My 1971 Flying V, the medallion that originally came with it was removed, long before I bought it in 1983.
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    ❤️ it !!!!
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    I would prefer a push / push pot for a Strat to get a " Seven Strat Sounds " setup. I have a schematic to have the option of having to have the combination of neck / bridge and all three pickups with one pot to handle the neck / middle and one for the bridge. Since I really respect your...
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    Holy Cow !!!! That is one hot looking guitar !!!!
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    Are Bourns pots as good as CTS ? I've read on many forums that they are either as good as CTS or better .
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    Guitar Warehouse speakers

    Recently, I've incorporated some Peavey Sheffield speakers with my Fane and Celession speakers. The sonic tendencies of those speakers satisfy me.
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    "Where Does The Tone Come From In An Electric Guitar"

    How about solid copper wires for the harness of pots ?
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    A late 1969 Univox Univibe .

    I have two more and the predecessor unit, when it was called the Vibro Chorus . This unit is from 1969. I've had it since 1980 , it cost me only $ 79.00, has the original expression pedal and I have to replace the power switch and the new switch arrived today . Jimi Hendrix used one at...
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    Show your Amps...

    Here is my home system .
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    "Where Does The Tone Come From In An Electric Guitar"

    I noticed that too many factors determine the tone of a guitar. To me, here are the factors that I notice changes or affects the tone. • wood type of the neck, fretboard . and guitar body . • the material of the bridge . • material of the nut . • thickness of the electrical wire used . • type...
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    Show your Amps...

    It's only a 150 watts in stereo at 8 ohms. I only put it up to full, only if my wife is gone or in a good mood 😌