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  1. Imerkat

    NGD: Gibson Es-390

    What a year! Finally found this in the color I wanted! Price was a steal Personally I associate the mini humbucker sound to Epiphone; This small full hollow body should have been an Epiphone but I’ll settle for Gibson
  2. Imerkat

    NGD: Epiphone Sheraton ‘62 Reissue

    Finally! Found an awesome price and condition i wanted. I’ve owned every 1962 reissue, sans Sorrento, not knowing anything about Gibson/Epiphone and now regret selling every single one. I think this Sheraton Reissue does speak to Epiphone complete history. Original sound, classic design, and...
  3. Imerkat

    Pure Nickel Round Core String: Fans?

    Hello! I’ve been using Cobalt Strings since they came out; I really love the high end. I’ve not liked how they sound on my P-90 guitars. I usually buy the 5 dollar brands for those but never tried pure nickel. any fans of those here? I hear “round core” brings some type of magic of some kind...
  4. Imerkat

    Firebird invisible upgrade

    Can you spot the difference? I also wanted to change the custom bridge pickup. Its sounds good it belongs on a Firebird 1 cus it doesn’t play well with the neck pu. the transition from the johnny winter neck was always jarring. I should have thought of that before this though.
  5. Imerkat

    Epiphone Sheraton Coupe?

    Don’t like the name but i really wish they came out with this version of the coupe: (Gibson Es-390) With Kalamazoo headstock would be an instant classic. Now If Epiphone wanted to be bold and put a batwing headstock like a small Trini Lopez version that would be another successful route imo...
  6. Imerkat

    Epiphone Sheraton/335 with Alnico 2 or 5 hums?

    For those that like the vintage sound what do you have on yours? I get the impression the new ones are coming with probuckers 3&4 which I believe is Alnico 5’s. anyone prefer the probuckers 1&2?
  7. Imerkat

    FT: Epiphone Sheraton for 1962 Reissue

    Hello looking to trade a Sheraton from Terada Factory Japan for a red 1962 Sheraton reissue in (w/tremotone would be ideal). I'm more of a minibucker guy. If your more of a full size HB this is the best Sheraton to come out imo: Will included original leather gig bag and a set of 57/57+ (no...
  8. Imerkat

    WTB: Epiphone Vibrila Lyre Gold

    Hey if any has a used Epiphone Virbola in Gold like the ones on the Firebird VII willing to sell let me know. Pic for reference:
  9. Imerkat

    WTB: Epiphone Spirit

    Tim Shaw buckers, binding quilted top preferred but will consider others. Thanks
  10. Imerkat

    Split-Coil Mod with Epiphone PCB pots?

    Anyone try this mod to fatten their split-coil mode? The probuckers have this quick connect with PCB pot. Is it possible to splice a resistor in? thanks, imer
  11. Imerkat

    Ebay guitars from china; would you?

    Ive being looking for a mandobird and ran into this: Made in china. ETA January. Worth you think? I mean if i could find a Joe Bonamassa at a decent price i would repaint it in this color. And maybe, since I’m customizing, i would put this headstock on it:
  12. Imerkat

    Epiphone Riviera Size

    Hey, this guy says the Riviera looks more like the size of the 339 than a 335. Can anyone confirm?
  13. Imerkat

    Mini humbucker mounting screws?

    Anybody know where to get them or what what type of screws they are? I thought they were pickguard screws but the heads weren’t the right size. This is for the kind that come in wilshires and vintage Sheratons not the flat rings. thanks
  14. Imerkat

    Maxon MMK 45 Made in Japan Humbuckers good?

    I’ve seen these on sheratons from Japan. Anybody how they compare to Probuckers or PAF sound? Thanks
  15. Imerkat

    Would you buy an 80’s Sheraton at “vintage” price?

    Good deal?
  16. Imerkat

    FSOT: Tremotone & metal € logo

    If you got a tremotone metal E from the reissues you don’t mind parting ways or want to make a quick buck hit me up. I also have a wood inserts but with pickguard E if you would like a better quality wood in return
  17. Imerkat

    Crestwood oval inlays: whats the vertict?

    Hey everyone, Heard rumors that the Crestwood’s “iconic” oval/oblong inlays are not popular. So do y’all find something about it off-putting? I have a coronet and not sure how some of my dot inlays cracked. I was think of replacing them but never like the dot look to begin with so was...
  18. Imerkat

    Epiphone Wilshire with Horse-shoe Varitone!

    Earlier this year I broke the tremolo arm on the Tremotone on this 2012 Wilshire Re-issue and sat broke for a while. After soldering it and re-breaking there wasn't much left to fix I considered my options. So did a little search for Epiphone Tremolo and with some drilling and elbow grease, I...
  19. Imerkat

    Epiphone Varitone vibrato for sale

    Hey y'all, I was going to put one of this Epiphone branded Bigsby and lo there was one on sale right now: I have spare that I also want to sell but a more relic condition. Hit me or this seller up if you want to complete the look of your Epiphone.
  20. Imerkat

    Epi indulgence

    I think I finally reached a new fanboy territory:

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