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  1. AJ6stringsting

    Let's show them V's, Explorers and non traditional shaped guitars ....

    My 1971 Flying V, the medallion that originally came with it was removed, long before I bought it in 1983.
  2. AJ6stringsting

    A late 1969 Univox Univibe .

    I have two more and the predecessor unit, when it was called the Vibro Chorus . This unit is from 1969. I've had it since 1980 , it cost me only $ 79.00, has the original expression pedal and I have to replace the power switch and the new switch arrived today . Jimi Hendrix used one at...
  3. AJ6stringsting

    Hey Space 1999 ....🖖

    Are you a fan of the 70's sci-fi show, Space 1999 ? I loved that show, I was upset that they stop production of that show and that the characters on the show never made it back home.
  4. AJ6stringsting

    Any body here , ever take those Ancestry . Com DNA test ?

    I took mine in the early 2000's. Mine said I was 81% Native American. 40.5 Meso American ( Tarascan ) Quechua ethnicity 40.5. Southern Plains (Comanche) Uto Aztekan ethnicity. 13.0 % European Iberian ( Spanish ) 6.0 % UK ( Scottish ) My Wife's test was mind blowing, for us. Turns out she...
  5. AJ6stringsting

    Where is the log off menu ?

    They have changed the lay out of the website. I rarely use the stay logged in menu, but then I decided not to use it. How does anyone log off from this site ?
  6. AJ6stringsting

    How to find harmonic nodes on your guitar.

    When I assemble or buy a new guitar, I do the neck alignment check, the weight check, neck dive check and sting height check. The last thing I check is look for harmonic nodes between the bridge and neck. If you do a rapid hammer on pull off flutter on all the strings while lightly touching...
  7. AJ6stringsting

    Just got my rack system ... Road ready !!!!

    Now, I don't have to lug around four amp heads. My DigiTech 2112 SGS, has recreations of my Marshall JCM 800, VHT Pitbull, Carvin V3, Carvin X-100 B, Mesa Boogie Mark 3 / 5, Randall Warhead or any amp .... The Crate Power Blocks are set up to be like old Hiwatt heads at 150 watts, in stereo...
  8. AJ6stringsting

    I need suggestions on good rolling rack shelves

    Can anyone suggest any good quality rolling rack shelves for my SKB molded Rack Cases ? I'm in the U.S. ....
  9. AJ6stringsting

    About the Crate Power Block ....

    Saturday, I received a Crate Power Block from Reverb. I took my four Laney stacks in stereo, each two stacks running off a Power Block. I was amazed at the loudness and with a BBE 882 Sonic Maximizer and a Hush Noise Reduction unit through the effects loops .... It was amazing. I tried other...
  10. AJ6stringsting

    How to solve muddy sounds from High Kohms pickup in the neck.

    I have a 16.9k ohms pickup on my 2007 Epi LPC and recently installed the original bridge pickup that came with my LPC, installed it in the neck position , that is rated at 14.20k ohms. The sound was a little muddy, even after installing a 15mf capacitor and lowering the pickup. A friend told...
  11. AJ6stringsting

    Specs of a 2007 Epiphone Les Paul Custom ?

    Is the nut of my 2007 Epiphone Les Paul Custom made of plastic or graphite ? Years ago, I had some Tusq nuts put on my 1974 Gibson LPC and my 1971 Gibson Flying V and my Epiphone LPC projected ( still does) notes, sustains and punches just as much as my Gibson's.
  12. AJ6stringsting

    Did Epi ever have Floyd Rose equiped Prophecy guitars ?

    Or did I bump my head ? I asked a few people at GC and they said , " We never seen any " . If they ever did I'd love get one !!!
  13. AJ6stringsting

    Inexpensive Pedals, Multi Effects Units, Pickups and other gear that surprised you.

    Back in the 1980's, I was a traveling touring musician and I was in need of a Rockman style headphone style amp. I was in Massachusetts and I went into the Daddy's Used Music store , it was a great North Eastern music chain store. I asked the gentleman behind the counter if he had any headphone...
  14. AJ6stringsting

    I'm doing a cap replacement.

    A local electronics store went out of business ( sad ) , I managed to get some Orange Drop capacitors at 0.01 mf, 15 mf, 33mf and 47 mf Some are rated to 100 volts to 500 volts. Will the 100 volts rated caps sound different from the 500 volt caps ?
  15. AJ6stringsting

    Going to refret a 1985 Kramer.

    I've been watching videos on how to refret guitars on YouTube. I am about to order the tools from Steward- MacDonald to do the job. I practiced on an old cheap neck I had laying around and it was a breeze after watching the videos. Have any of you guys done any refretting on your own guitars ...
  16. AJ6stringsting

    My 2007 Epiphone Les Paul Custom.

    I know my 2007 EPI LPC came with an Alnico Classic in the neck and Alnico 5 Plus in the bridge, but what kind of wood was used for the body ?
  17. AJ6stringsting

    What are your favorite pickups ?

    My favorites are ( not in any particular order ). Dimarzio Evolution , Fast Track 2 , X2N, Chopper, Humbucker From Hell, Steve's Special, HS 3, Tone Zone, Fred, Air Norton. Bill Lawrence ( from the mid 70's / early 80's ) XL 500, L 250, R 500, L 290. Carvin M 22 SD, C 22, V 22, AP 11...
  18. AJ6stringsting

    Just moved into a six bedroom house

    I spent the last week moving into a new home. Seven years ago, I had to give up my music room for my 8 year old Daughter. We now have a 6 bedroom house, both Daughters have their own room and now I have my music room again !!!! All I have to do is grab one of my guitars off their stands, fire...
  19. AJ6stringsting

    Removing covers of EPI pickups.

    I replaced the gold covered pickups off my 2007 EPI LPC , a year ago and it's rated at 14.20k ohms. It's a good sounding pickup, but it didn't have the Eq factor I wanted. I'm thinking of putting it in another guitar ( made of alder ) and removing the gold cover off it. Have any of you removed...
  20. AJ6stringsting

    Trouble staying logged in, in this web site

    Has anyone here have the problem of being "booted" off this web site and having to get re sign back in, when they go through the site. Could it be because I am using an Android phone ?