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  1. CanuckLP

    Epiphone DC thoughts

    These are going on sale for $699 CAD in a few days. Not overly fond of Double Cuts but was wondering if the general consensus was? Am I in the minority or do more people share my opinion? Regardless I still might pick one up.
  2. CanuckLP

    What did you do to your Epiphone today?

    I routed out the tuner holes on my Epiphone Les Paul ‘59 and installed Gibson Deluxe tuners. Gibsons Deluxe tuners on the left, original Epiphone tuners on the right.
  3. CanuckLP

    Oops I did it again…

    So, I was reflecting on the weekend. New beginnings and missed opportunities. Moved my Niece out of my house after 7 years of harbouring her. Good kid, finished school and now has a job. Important thing to do so I can get my office room back. The missed opportunity was to go see a movie...
  4. CanuckLP

    Gibson deluxe tuners direct bolt-on to Slash

    Was rummaging around in my basement and found some sets of tuners I have. One of the tuner sets were Gibson Deluxe vintage. Tried them on the new Epiphone ‘59, they didn’t fit. But… tried them on the Slash and bingo. Perfect replacements to the Epiphone Deluxe tuners that were on there. The...
  5. CanuckLP

    Hi from the Great White North

    Good day! Just joined. Have a few guitars. Wanted to join and say hi, share in the commentary and contribute where possible. I like the new Epiphone line up a lot. Have a 2020 LP Silverburst Custom and a 2021 LP Anaconda Slash. Getting a '59 LP Epiphone after I sell my Gibson LP Standard...