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  1. Stillsour

    My big trade deal

    So i recently decided to downsize while upgrading. I traded my 2 Epiphones in. I left with a very nice Schecter. I'm happy I made the deal because I did it at noncost out of pocket, got something I'm very comfortable with, and got a new feature or two I was lacking. I also picked up a new amp...
  2. Stillsour

    Thank you grandpa!

    My grandpa passed away a few months ago. He always fiddled around with guitars, but I never remember him being a regular player. He always told me when he passed I could have his guitar. He also had mentioned it was one of those Emilio guitars from QVC. I had never seen it. Today my mom finally...
  3. Stillsour

    A question about recording

    Hey guys. Today my tascam digital pocket studio will be arriving. It is equipped with an input for my guitar to go directly into it. My question is, can I use my pedal board in this equation? There is a gain setting for each channel, so i can adjust that on the device. I'm mostly curious about...
  4. Stillsour

    Using a Fender Mustang for recording

    Alright. I downloaded the amplitube and fuse programs that go with my Mustang amp onto my PC. Anyone have experience recoding this way? Would I be better of investing in a multitrack recorder? Tascam has a 6 track that is not steep at all. I do have a drum kit to record, as well as vocals.
  5. Stillsour


    20160130_060221 by Stillsour posted Jan 30, 2016 at 6:05 AM Well, my EMG 81/85 set arrived yesterday and I spent a couple hours fidgeting with that. Got it all installed, and put on a set of strings I've never tried. NY XL or something. .11-.49. This was all on my Les Paul Studio. Tuned it to...
  6. Stillsour

    Good size amp for small gig/band practice

    Ok, im wondering about amp size. I currently have a 20w Fender Mustang. Would that suffice for band practice or playing a small bar?
  7. Stillsour

    LP Studio Pups

    Ok, so now that I've had my Pro SG a minute, my LP pickups are seemingly lacking. Not terrible, but I have to make a choice. I can either purchase the Brent Hinds signature bridge pickup I've had my eye on, or get myself a looper. Lace pickup, anyone use them? Pros/Cons?
  8. Stillsour

    My 9yo is gonna take up bass

    Hello! My daughter is 9. She loves to sing and listen to all types of music. She hangs with me while I play my guitar and started asking about some things. I showed her a few female musicians, then some generally great bass players. She is showing real enthusiasm. I found a short scale...
  9. Stillsour


    20160121_132857 by Stillsour posted Jan 21, 2016 at 3:24 PM The Joyo analog chorus pedal arrived today. I cannot wait to get off work and jam some ghost songs through it! The ebay store I found also Throws in 2 patch cables with each pedal. Pretty cool. Thanks for looking.
  10. Stillsour

    Joyo pedals?

    Not sure if this is the correct section for this discussion, if not sorry mods. Please delete. Anybody else use Joyo pedals? Thoughts? I own 2 and am planning on at least 2 more. I have the vintage OD and digital delay. I love them both. That vintage OD is very nice. I am gonna snag the...
  11. Stillsour

    G-400 Pro/1966

    As we all know, it's tax season. I'm going to be adding a second epiphone to my corner of the house. I've got my eye on the ebony g-400 pro or the 1966. I am almost certain the only difference is the pups, but i dont know for sure. Any ideas folks? Anyone else tried these out at all?
  12. Stillsour

    My LP studio?

    Hello, I'm new here. I believe my Epiphone is a studio from 2013. I love it. I wish it had inlays but I will live. I'm a sort of newish player. I know some basics, but have never been disciplined enough to learn. I am making the effort more so now than ever to really buckle down. This...

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