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    Hello from Ontario Canada.!

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Anyone Know this guitar?

    Don’t know what is, but I wish I had it! And I am primarily an acoustic player and have been since I began playing in 1957.
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    Inspired by Gibson, 12 string tuners

    The string balls should lock under the slots of the bridge plate inside the guitar. The pins aren’t really what is supposed to lock the string in place. The pins just keep the strings from sliding back out of the bridge pin slots. You have to bend the string into a hook slightly in front of...
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    New here, finally getting back to playing after a long break

    Welcome to the forum! Nice guitar. I have an Epi honeyburst LP, but the Traditional Pro from about 2014. My favorite LP finish
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    2022 Epiphone ES- 335 bridge buzzing problem.

    I put Gotoh bridges on all my TOM guitars. Well worth the minimal price. They also have more room for intonation adjustments and are more solidly built.
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    NGD!! Again!

    Nice looking guitar. And Happy Birthday!
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    Hope You Had A Great Week

    Mine went fine. Finished my sixth week (next to last week) of chemo and radiation treatments. Chemo on Mondays and radiation Monday through Fridays. Doing fine, but will be glad when these are behind me. All in all not a bad week.
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    Output Jack Coming Loose

    Save yourself a few bucks and just swap it out yourself. Simple few minute job.
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    Rate Semi Hollow Bodies

    You are missing the 339. One of my favorites.
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    Epi 335 vs 339

    Or a very large guitar. I am a small guy and have one of each. Like them both. The 339 is more comfortable for me. Neither sounds like an LP, at least played clean (the only way I have ever played since beginning to play in 1957.
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    NGD : Epiphone Traditional Pro IV

    Nice! Like the color!
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    We lost one of ours

    So very sorry to here this. Prayers.
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    Pure Nickel Round Core String: Fans?

    I’m a big fan of pure nickel strings on my Teles and Strats. Never have tried them on any others. I like the Fender Pure Nickels, bounds is they cost less.
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    Where are you?

    I live in the same small town in NW Indiana where I have lived since the summer before I started first grade in 1952. Never have any desire to live elsewhere. Back in the mid 60’s while I was in college my parents moved to Florida so spent about 5 miserable years down there. Was very glad to get...
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    Color code on Epi Classic Pro pickups

    Thanks! I guess the black and shield are ground and red is hot. Mine has coil splitting, so which two colors are for the coil split and does polarity matter on the split? After doing my 335 a few times I am considering just pulling the pickups up cutting the wires and splicing into the existing...
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    Does the 2021 Epiphone Sheraton have a dual action truss rod?

    I’m not sure if it would have a dual action truss rod. To check relief you should capo the first fret and fret the 6th string at the last fret then measure at the 7th fret. Gibson/Epiphone factory recommended relief is .012”, but 006” or even .005” should be fine if your frets are very level...
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    Color code on Epi Classic Pro pickups

    I have a 2014 Epi ES-339 with the Epi Classic Pro HBs and am wondering if anyone knows the wire color code on them. Mainly just looking for the hot and ground colors. Haven’t looked to see what color the coil split wires are. I’m guessing maybe white and red. Can’t really see them in there with...
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    I need a new guitar strap! Suggestions?

    Look at Walker & Williams straps on eBay. Really nice real leather straps for just over $30. As nice as straps costing far more. If you need 60” straps you must be 7 foot tall.
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    NGD: Epiphone Sheraton ‘62 Reissue

    Beautiful guitar!
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    Are finish cracks at the nut normal?

    I am always somewhat amazed at the many ‘may hurt resale value’ posts I see on various guitar players. I have been playing for over 60 years and have sold exactly two guitars during that time. Both were sold over 50 years ago, when I got a new guitar so the old one got sold. This was back when...

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