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Mar 11, 2023
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@LP_SPC_1_P90 : Adjust the neck down to about 1/8" above the pickguard. Then adjust the bridge to match volume. That will be around 3/8" or less on the bridge. That's the best cure for a two control guitar.

Even better: Buy two concentric pots. Wire them as a volume/tone pair, one for each pickup. You still want to have the pickups balanced, but then you have a whole new raft of tones that you can blend up for the pickup pair.

Additional: Don't miss the adjustable pole pieces once the pickups are balanced. You can adjust strings for even volume too.
That's more or less what I was conceptualizing. Adjust the pickup heights to a max output situation, adding a couple of knobs for a dedicated to each pickup solution. 2x Volume knobs 2x Tone knobs being the Volume & Tone blending method as the 4 knob guitars obviously have. It does get to a point where there are just too many knobs that need to be adjusted, guitar, pedals & amp. The 4 knob configurations seem to make sense when the guitar => amp signal chain is a basic & simple direct connect of an instrument cord.

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