M.I.D.I. effects or Foot Pedals ....

Foot Pedals .

  • MIDI Rack Units .

  • Multi Effects Floor Processor Units .

  • Foot Pedals using a dedicated Switcher to select which pedal being used .control

  • All the above .

  • Nah, I don't need Foot Pedals .

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Jul 16, 2015
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Central California
Back in the day, I used Boss, DOD, Ibanez, Ross, Electro Harmonix or Arion to get my sound at rehearsals .

Then in the mid / late 1980's , I joined a professional band that always had gig, as a House Band or would hit the road for months at a time and they had some Classic ADA MP-1 and Yamaha SPX 90 (?) and an early Eventide Harmonizer with a MIDI control board with an Axxess or Raxxes , Looper to add pedals .

I love the conveniences of MIDI control, it was like having different pedalboards at the stomp of foot on the control board.
But sometimes, some pedals have a certain sound that rack units lack
So the question is , what do you folks prefer at home , the gigs or rehearsals

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