On Classified Policies vs Forum Etiquette


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Dec 7, 2015
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Fort Collins, CO
I'd like to use this thread to point out that our policies regarding classified listings and this sites forum etiquette are two very different thing. No one needs to be a long time member in order to post a listing in our classifieds. If someone has suspicions about a counterfeit piece, a scam, or fraudulent post please report it and allow me to handle it.

Only one of us can moderate here and has the tools with which to moderate. Please don't cause more confusion.

Every forum may have it's preferred form of posting etiquette just as we have ours. We cannot expect every new member to know and understand ours from the first minute they post. Some will introduce themselves while other may not. Regardless of their chosen way of doing it we do not attack them for it we welcome them as we would a new neighbor on the block. That is how it should be done.
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