Tony Iommi SG Special


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Feb 21, 2017
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Happy NGD! I see that your pros and cons about the guitar coincides with what I suspected/expected. Seems like you are able to look past the cons, though. 👍
As for pickups, they're an easy swap at least.

Fullmoon 1971

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Feb 9, 2015
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Stockport, United kingdom
It's certainly too expensive probably because of Tony's endorsement deal.

The pickups are a easy swap (John Birch Guitars) still make the same pickups Tony used- I have a set, They also copies of "Old Boy"
John sadly passed away a few years ago and the company passed on to his business partner John Carling.

A Wilkinson bridge would closer to the original. Luckily its not the unobtainable schaller 455 that's on "Old Boy"

I'm actually waiting on a custom built Gordon Smith in satin cherry red with ebony fingerboard, this will be getting a "evilbay" monkey sticker and the aforementioned John Brich pickups, the bridge will be a aluminium Wilkinson bridge and Kluson vintage tuners.

The overall cost is £1100 though I supplied the pickups, bridge and tuners. It was also ordered before the pandemic and the recent price rises in the UK.

The company ended up with quite a backlog(it's been finished for a couple of months but everything that's happened this year I've just not finished paying for it yet) their holding it for me till whenever after I explained the situation.

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