What parts do I need if I want to replace the electronics in my Sheraton Pro II?


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Apr 22, 2021
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I have an old thread lying around this place about how to replace hollow-body electronics…

1. Pull out the old electronics
2. Tape a piece of paper tight across the area of the guitar where the electronics were and using a pencil shade/trace the holes and the F-hole and label them.
3. Get a large shoe box and tape that piece of paper to the back of the lid and cut your holes. Make sure you do the F-hole too.
4. Now close the lid and label all the holes on the top side.
5. Build your harness on the top side inserting the parts *ss end up. Watch wires that could cross the F-hole
6. When your done use plastic wire ties to strengthen all the wiring from component to component so it is a rigid harness.
7. Remove from the box and flip the harness over and slide it in through the F-hole. Make sure you thread a small wire through the jack hole and solder it lightly to clip of the jack first.
8. You should now be able to just pop the components up through their respective holes and attach the washers and nuts. Pull the jack up with your wire tighten it down and then break the wire off,

That’s it. Only one other thing to remember and that is you may have washers that go underneath the body of the guitar on the pots and you should put a drop of super-glue to keep them on through all of this.

Have fun! :)



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Mar 28, 2022
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I ended up just using some Deoxit and learned to pull out the switch through the f-hole and did the whole fishing line knot to pull it back in, painters tape to avoid scratches, etc .So I go that little taste of DIY and but also didn't need to replace anything. I'm glad to say the Dexoit worked and there's no crackling anymore. Thanks, y'all!

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